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4 Days Huaihua-Shaoyang Tour for Huangsang-Yutou Dong-Minority Village-Nansha 4D 3N $0.00

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4 Days Huaihua-Shaoyang Tour for Huangsang-Yutou Dong-Minority Village-Nansha
Changsha-Huaihua-Shaoyang Tour for Huangsang, Yutou Dong Minority Village, Nanshan
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  • D1
    Changsha-Dayuan Miao Minority Ancient Village-Dingyuan Bridge-Huangsang
    Hotel in Huangsang      Breakfast
    07:30-13:00 Meeting from 7:00 to 7:20AM at the designated place in Changsha,Start to leave at 7:30AM in sharp by bus
    13:00-14:00 Lunch
    14:00-15:00 Dayuan Miao Minority Ancient Village; Dingyuan Bridge
    16:00-18:00 Huangsang National Nature Reserve
    18:30-19:30 Back to hotel and have dinner
    Huangsang National Nature Reserve 黄桑国家级自然保护区
    Scenic spots: Dayuan Miao Minority Ancient Village大园古村, Dingyuan Bridge定远桥, Tranquil Valley曲幽谷, Liuedong (Six Geese Cave) Waterfall六鹅洞瀑布
    Huangsang Provincial Geopark in Suining County, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, the third geological park in Shaoyang after Baishuidong in Xinshao County and Langshan Mountain in Xinning County, was opened to the public. Huangsang Geopark features tectonic denudation eroded medium-low mountain ravines, covering an area of 137 square kilometers. The park houses 14 national level and 59 provincial level geological relics.
    Suining County is hailed as an unpolluted oasis by UNESCO, for its beautiful eco-environment and splendid natural scenery. Covering an area of 381,300 mu (about 25,547 hectares), Huangsang National Nature Reserve integrates natural landscape with cultural richness, covering five scenic spots, ten karst caves, three waterfalls, myriad picturesque peaks, rocks as well as ancient trees.
    In recent years, lots of outdoor enthusiasts have been attracted by its favorable eco-environment, to explore and visit its scenic vicinity.
  • D2
    Tongdao-Yutou Dong Minority Village
    Hotel in Tongdao      Breakfast
    08:00-08:30 Breakfast
    08:50-10:20 Mandarin Duck Islet, Hemlock Forest
    12:00-13:00 Lunch
    13:00-17:00 Yutou Dong Minority Village and then back to the hotel
    17:00-18:00 Dinner
    Yutou Dong Minority Village 芋头侗寨
    The Dong ethnic minority live in the region delimited by southwest Hunan, southeast Guizhou and north Guangxi. This part of the country often called the “Corridor of Dong culture”. The countryside near Tongdao -which coincidentally means “Passageway” or “thoroughfare”–is home to dozens of Dong ethnic villages. The region of Tongdao, virtually unknown to Western and Chinese tourists is the right place for a natural scenic drive through the Hunanese countryside which is dotted with ancient Dong drum towers and centuries-old Wind and Rain bridges.
    In Yutou Dong Minority Village of Tongdao Dong Autonomous County, architectural styles dating back to the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties have been well preserved. The village was built between the years of 1368 and 1398, according to archaeologists. There are currently 182 ethnic Dong families living in the village.
    Hidden deep in a valley, Yutou village, is home to an impressive overhanging wooden pavilion-shaped watchtower that dominates the paddy fields and the tea terraces. Built during the 52nd year of the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1787), it is a protected historical site. In spite of this interesting historical structure, Yutou village is a very common Dong ethnic village with traditional drum towers and a Wind and Rain bridge-like structure at the entrance. The wooden structure rest on stone piers and a stone arches and scenes depicting what seems to be local historical events have been painted on each side of the inner wooden corridor.
    On top of one shrine (Most Wind and Rain bridges have shrines dedicated to the ancestors who founded the villages and other deities), faded white Chinese characters which means “Destroy Superstition”. The village square is dominated by a drum tower and it has a stone temple attached to it and a temple dedicated to Confucius right next to it.
  • D3
    Wanfo Mountain-Stone Citadel, Ziyang Pasture Grassland
    Hotel in Tongdao      Breakfast
    08:00-09:00 Breakfast
    09:30-12:00 Wanfo Mountain
    12:00-13:00 Lunch
    15:00-17:30 Huangdu Dong Culture Village
    17:30-19:00 Back to hotel and have dinner
    Wanfo Mountain 万佛山
    Covering an area of 28.04 km2, Tongdao Wanfo Mountain is situated in Taipingyan Village of Linkou Town, a small town in Huaihua Tongdao Dong Autonomous County in Hunan. It is the biggest scenic spot in Tongdao and one of the biggest Danxia landforms in China as well. It won the laudatory title of “the Great Green Wall”.
    The 168 kilometer-long Danxia Landforms of Mount Wanfo Scenic Spot contains five big scenic areas: Mount Wanfo, Immortal Cave, Seven-star Hill, General Hill and Ziyun Hill. Inside the area, there are "ten wonderful sceneries": Duyan Hill, Seven-star Ancient Temple, Luck Cave, Lion watching Moon, One Pillar Supporting the Sky, Lady Waiting for Her Husband, Whelk, Tortoise Looking for Food, Inborn Magpie Bridge and Thirty-six Curve Forest Maze. One must be fascinated by its unique beauty and miracle landscape.
    Huangdu Dong Culture Village 皇都古寨
    The community of the Dong ethnic group in Huangtu Township of Tongdao County is composed of four villages of Tou, Wei, Pan and Xin. Visitors can appreciate bamboo houses on stilts, drum towers and sheltered bridges, particular to the Dong people, enjoy song and dance performances given by local villages, sample local food and stay over a night with a Dong family.
    Transport: Visitors can go to the village by bus from Tongdao Bus Station
    Tel: (86)745-8548814
    Admission (For reference): RMB45yuan/Adult
  • D4
    Nanshan Scenic Area in Chengbu County–Back to Changsha
    Hotel in Changsha      Breakfast
    08:00-09:00 Breakfast
    09:00-11:30 Nanshan Scenic Area in Chengbu County
    11:30-12:30 Lunch
    12:30-18:30 Leave for Changsha
    Nanshan Scenic Area in Chengbu County 城步南山大草原
    Nanshan Mountain Scenic Area (Stone Citadel石头城, Ziyang Pasture Grassland紫阳牧区大草原, Mountaintop Sentry Post高山红哨)
    Nanshan scenic area in the southern part of Chengbu County occupies an area of 152 square kilometers in which the immense mountain is covered with grass. This area is called the Hulunbuir Grassland in the South. At present more than five scenic spots on Nanshan Mountain are open to visitors. The scenic area is a nature pasture, a sanatorium and a summer resort.
    The annual mean temperature there is 11 degrees Centigrade. The scenic zone looks like a landscape painting with an immense grassland of more than 10,000 hectares, undulating green hills, verdant fields and white clouds in the blue sky.
    The scenic zone consists of Nanshan Grassland, Double River Gorge, White Cloud Cave, Silver Fir Park, Changan Camp and Wutuan Miao Village. The six scenic spots, covering an area of 199 square kilometers, have been audited as provincial scenic zone. Within the Nanshan Scenic Zone, high mountains, tablelands and grasslands are primary sights. Due to the moderate climate and abundant rainfall, 48 level grounds and 48 streams are formed in continuous mountain. Nanshan Scenic Zone, integrating gorge, cliff, lava, fantastic rock, primeval vegetation, flying waterfall and flowing spring, artificial lake together, enjoys the laudatory title of “A Bright Pearl in Southern Land”.
    Apart from its natural beauty, Nanshan Scenic Zone is also rich in ecological sport resources. Located in subtropical zone with warm climate and altitude of most land between 1600m to 1900m with moderate gradient, Nanshan, benefiting by this unique landform, is built as an ecological sport land which is suitable for various plateau trainings and sports competitions for athletes of different training level and age. In comparison with western plateau training base, Nanshan enjoys advantage of location, climate and environment. In recent 10 years, Nanashan Scenic Zone has fully taken advantage of these resources to develop more experienced ecological sports.
    Transport: Take shuttle buses from Chengbu County to the scenic area
    Admission (for reference): RMB 40yuan/adult
    Tel: (86)739-7315088
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