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Jishou-Dehang Village
2016-12-21 11:06:24  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Dehang, meaning "Beautiful valley" in Miao language, is situated 24 kilometers in the west suburbs from Jishou city, capital of Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Xiangxi. In the scenic spot, streams are crossing to each other; deep valleys, spectacular waterfalls, grand mountain ranges, ancient trees and special flowers, precious birds and animals are everywhere.

In this area, lives the Miao nationality: they speak Miao dialect; girls and boys are free for love; and they exchange feelings and love with songs. Women like to bear silver wares, and wear broidery blouse with flower designs but without collar; boys like to wear leg wrappings, and blow wood leaves as musical instruments. The local people like to raise silk worms to make their own textiles. They use the traditional way for oil extraction, papermaking and rice grinding. Also the locals use special wheels with buckets to lift water for irrigation.

Tourists can also extract oil, making papers, weaving cloth and grinding rice by themselves. In this scenic spot, there are such programs being guest in Miao family as exchanging songs at the gate, offering wines, Miao drum dance, saying good bye to guests with lantern. Therefore coming to Dehang for a tour is just like coming to a beautiful and fairy-tale world.

Transport: A tourist bus from Fenghuang Ancient City goes there

Tel: (86)743-8665350.

Admission (For reference): RMB60 yuan /adult

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