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Huaihua Maocong River Rafting
2016-12-21 11:06:23  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Maocong River,situated in Dashuao Village,Zhijiang County, is over 40km away from Zhijiang County, 80km from Huaihua City and 100km from Tongren City in Guizhou. The river, just clear as crystal, winds along wild and flat river courses amid amazing mountains. River course covered by flourish forest and singing birds smelling fragrance of flowers match perfectly to make here a wonderful place for rafting. After thrilling and cool rafting, relaxation in farm yard, appreciating countryside view and ancient trees, rock climbing are also good choices for you.

At the very start point of Maocong River Rafting, rafting tank, as the nation-wide unique double channels of rafting tank with staggered floor is built to make the rafting more speeding and irritative. Rafting on Maocong River, you will be immersed in the romance of primitive nature. The rafting path, as long as 8km, will bring you to appreciate Lover’s Shoal,Hanging Bridge, Dragon Pond, Flying Stone, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Guling Rock and so on along your rafting. It’s really a fantastic experience.

By Patricia

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