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Zhangjiajie Specialty–Eucommiae Tea
2016-12-20 16:29:47  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

ZJJ can be said to be the origin of tea with various kind of teas; such as Chun-ming emerald green tea, lobster scented tea, tippy tea, dew tea and Tujia cloud tea, to name a few, of which“the King of Tea”is Eucommiae tea.

1.Brief introduction of Eucommiae Tea

Eucommiae tea has its materials with the lefts of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. It is picked when Eucommia ulmoides lefts flourish or the flower buds blossom, or when the flowers blossom but the fruits are not matured. Processed with traditional method, it becomes a healthy drink, with a scent of bitterness and combined sweetness. Drinking it before sleep is very wholesome with any side-effects.

2.Characteristics of Eucommiae tea

(1)Pure, green,natural and without pollution;

(2)Without theophylline and caffeine; easy absorb and healthy;

(3)With rich protein and aminosaeren;

(4)Crisp, fragile and black color of the wild tea;

(5)With gutta-percha in the left and bark of Eucommiae tree; white silk pulled out when broken off.

3.Health care value of Eucommiae tea

(1)Blood press reduction;

(2)Strengthening body immunity;

(3)Adjusting cardiovascular;

(4)Anti-inflammation, antiviral;

(5)calming-down and abirritation;

(6)Lowering cholesterol level.


Put Eucommiae tea into cup and brew it for five minutes with 300cc water and then you can drink. Different from regular teas, Eucommiae tea has no Caffeine, so you will not suffer from insomnia or get addicted to it even if drink for a long time. Cooled or iced tea will be a good flavor, or you can add some Chrysanthemum, Ganoderma lucidum, honey or sugar into the tea according to your own taste.

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