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Langshan National-Level Scenic Zone
2016-12-21 11:08:09  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Hunan Xinning Langshan National-Level Scenic Zone, Adjacent to Guilin in the south and next to Zhangjiajie in the north, is located where it is over ten miles away from the south of Xinnig County, covering an area of about 100 km² with 60 scenic spot having been developed.

Langshan, the most representative Danxia landform in China, is a resort of elegant water, beautiful mountains and amazing caves. On this land, protuberant rock forest, sophisticated limestone karst caves, mysterious gorge groups and comely Fuyi River weave an amazing picture of green water and red precipice.

In this scenic zone, there are 3 natural bridges, 10 thread of sky, to idiomatical caves, 8 rivers and stream penetrating through the whole county, over 20 splendid gorges, many kinds of plants and animals. Five main scenic zones, Zixia Cave, Mount Camel, Octagonal Village, Xiaban Mountain and Fuyi River, lie here.

By Patricia

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