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Hunan Hengshan Jingang Stupas
2016-12-21 11:08:09  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Hunan Hengshan Jingang stupas lies in Ruiying peak which at the back of Nantai temple. It has an elevation of 600 meters, which is China’s largest Jin Gangli pagoda in jiangnan mountain. The tower is 48 meters high, which covers an area of 233 square meters. The building has eight points and nine floor. The tower has 256 steps.

The cultural relics departments of the state and the Chinese buddhist association identified two Buddha sarira to serve on the top floor. The tower began in July 1993, formally finished on May 15th, 1998. At that time, more than ten thousand practitioners at home and abroad attended the event.

Translated by Sophia

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