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Zhangjiajie Kudzu
2016-12-20 16:46:18  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Kudzu is a kind of arrowroot. In Zhangjiejie, the mountains, there are a lot of wild kudu. Kudu is one of the three treasures in Zhangjiajie. Kudu can be eaten directly after peeling off. It can also be made into farina. Usually, people shop the farina of the kudzu. The kudzu after cleaning by water, then being broken into pieces and being epurated repeatedly and then is dried naturally. After all the processes, kudu becomes powder. Having methods is to boil arrowroot with some cold boiled water and mixing round at the same time. Then add white sugar, the white kudzu powder after boiling will turn into glittering paste like jelly. Kudu has unique delicacy taste and has the function of relieving inflammation. It is the representative of pure green food. Tourists can find white kudu powder everywhere in Zhangjiajie. But, some of them are fake ones made from sweet potato. So tourists should differentiate the goods carefully and they would better do shopping from normal stores or super markets.

Zhangjiajie Kudzu    Zhangjiajie Kudzu

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