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Hunan Taojiang Mashed Tea
2016-12-20 16:46:17  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Drinking mashed tea has become a kind of popularity long time ago in Taojiang County and Anhua County (Yiyang City), so almost every family there has some tools in store, allowing them to make mashed tea by themselves whenever they want.

In the process of making mashed tea, you should firstly pound tea leaves into pieces. Then, putting some sesame, ginger and groundnut kernlels, keeping pounding all those together with the tea leaves into something like starch paste. Finally, you only need to pour moderate sugar boiling water into it. Mashed tea tastes like soya-bean milk, and can be enjoyed in every season. However, it always hugs the most popularity in summer.

Generally speaking, the more mashed tea a guest drinks, the happier the host will be. Sometimes, other home-made desserts may be accompanied while drinking mashed tea, especially to those rare visitors.

Translated by Becky

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