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Tujia Sour Bean-residue
2016-12-20 16:46:16  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

ZJJ Tujia Sour Bean-residue which is also called Lazy Tofu,It is a kind of special food of special taste. This kind of food is originally made before Tujia people’s emancipation. At that time, people were suffering from lack of food. They made full use of everything could be eaten. Thus they didn’t throw away residue of bean in process of making tofu. To people’s surprise, it tasted special and delicious especially when it turned sour after being put in air for several days. Though life is getting better, people still like it very much not only because of its delicious taste but also because of it being a memory of Tujia people.

Sour Bean-residue is popular not only for special flavor but also for its easy cooking and high protein. It could be cooked into a slight flavor without adding any seasoning. It could also be cooked in mixture with minced meat, chicken, egg and so on. Cooking methods of Bean-residue are flexible and its flavor is various. It has gained popularity from both domestic and foreign tourists.

By Brenda


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