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Zhangjiajie Gold and Fragrant Grapefruit(Jinxiang Grapefruit)
2016-12-20 16:46:15  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

ZJJ Specialty Gold and Fragrant Grapefruit(Jinxiang Grapefruit),as one of the top five famous grapefruits, is popular because of its juicy and fragrant taste. It is cylinder-shaped and a month earlier compared with other grapefruits’ ripening time. During the National Day, it appears in the market.

ZJJ Jinxiang Grapefruit in ancient time was listed as tribute for royal and imperial court. Sweet in it is ten percent higher than ordinary grapefruits. When put it in a room, fragrance would spread all over the room. At the initial stage of emancipation of China, there only existed two grapefruit trees. Now, over 70 thousands grapefruit trees have been founded. Jinxiang Grapefruit weighs about half of a kilogram. It is thick and gold in peel but easy to be peeled. Its pulp is beige and crisp but soft, juicy and fragrant to taste. In golden season, you could buy one at large and small stalls. What’s more, it’s quite cheap. It only costs you about two yuan.

By Brenda

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