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Tujia Acid Long Bean
2016-12-20 16:46:14  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

1, Add some water, pepper and salt into a pot and boil them, then cool it. Next, select and wash up defined amount of long beans, and cut them into chunks. Next, you can use a towel or put them in the air in order to dry them. (if there is a big jar, you can also not cut the long beans)

2, The pickle jar is required to wash up and dry out initially, so that you can put the prepared brine and long beans into this pickle jar. Pay special attention to the yield of water here; do not submerge the long beans or top up, 3/4 of the jar space is the best. Before sealing the mouth of the jar with clean water, you can add some hard liquor or some dry red pepper if you are fond of spicy food. In a word, there allows some differences according to your own tastes. When finished, the pickle is suggested be stored in a cool ventilated place.

3, When you want to eat the marinated acid long bean, you can take some out and cook it with minced meat and chopped garlic.Here is another small tip, if the season you choose is summer, you can shorten pickled time accordingly, because a too- long period may rot the long bean.

Translated by Becky

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