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How to get Huaihua high-rail train station from Zhangjiajie
2016-12-20 17:30:35  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

It is about 310km from Zhangjiajie to Huaihua high-rail train station by high-way.and it is about 4 hours dirve for whole trip.the detail line as follow:

ZhangHua Expressway entrance 150km-BaoMao Expressway 149km-Huaihua City West Ring Road 8km-Huaihua high rail train station(Huaihuanan railway station)

Also you can make a choice for train to Huaihua train staion for Zhangjiajie train station,It is about 4 hours dirve,and then 4km taxi to Huaihua high rail train station(Huaihuanan railway station) from Huaihua train station.there are many trains as follow:

K9064/K9065    Zhangjiajie-Huaihua 04:18am-07:44am  3h26m

K1261               Zhangjiajie-Huaihua 06:00am-11:00am  5h

K533/K536       Zhangjiajie-Huaihua 08:02am-12:02pm  4h

7265                 Zhangjiajie-Huaihua 08:26am-14:50pm  6h24m

K1211               Zhangjiajie-Huaihua 09:46am-15:05pm  5h19m

K267                Zhangjiajie-Huaihua 12:01pm-14:10pm  4h09m

K1373/K1376   Zhangjiajie-Huaihua 14:05pm-17:58pm  3h53m

K9070/K9067   Zhangjiajie-Huaihua 16:10pm-19:52pm  3h42m

2011                 Zhangjiajie-Huaihua 17:26pm-21:02pm  3h36m

K1473               Zhangjiajie-Huaihua 18:38pm-21:53pm  3h15m

K9033/K9032   Zhangjiajie-Huaihua 19:00pm-22:28pm  3h28m

K2288/K2285   Zhangjiajie-Huaihua 19:11pm-22:46pm  3h35m

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