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My Holiday is being for No.1 Drifting Current in Mengdong River
2016-12-20 17:30:22  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

On this summer vacation, my mother and I have paid a visit to Zhangjiajie, where lies picturesque scenery and unique customs. Among those, the most impressive is the experience in Mengdong River which is famous for its drifting current.

As the No.1 drifting river, Mengdong River has embraced tourists from all over the world. So when I went to the entrance, I have seen that people speaking Thai were picking their“weapons”—bailers, raincoats, water guns. At first, I was wondering that why so many people armed to the teeth were dotted on the water. Uh~ later, I find it necessary for you to wrap yourself up if you don’t want to be drenched through. Because of dry season, there is no enough water in the river to afford us a breathtaking adventure.

However, the joy lies in every turn and every twist of the stream. Sitting on a gas boat with other 11 people in two lines, I was attacked by others in other boats at the very beginning that I couldn’t even get my back straight and kept bent all the way so as to avoid being beaten by water. Along the way, being innocent means being bullied. When you meet others’ boats, they will attack you in water battles even if you throw in the towel at first. But you should be easy with this movement, for their aggressiveness only show their enjoyment of this game and intention of playing a trick with you.

Therefore, the best way to protect you is to strike first to gain the initiative and the battle can provide you a good platform to release your depression and pressure. When we are alone drifting water, we sing and joke while mountains invites us and waters gurgle and bubble. Cooling water, singing birds and beautiful flowers giving forth their fragrance characterizes a fine summer day. This is an unforgettable experience that will be engraved in my memory forever!

By Brenda

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