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Mengpa Tavern Offering free room for Domestic divorced-couples
2016-12-20 17:30:18  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

In order to construct harmonious society, maintain family stabilization, advocate people to cherish nature and breathe the purest air in Zhangjiajie, Meng pa tavern, located in Zhangjiajie core scenic spot with the most ethnic customs, offers free double standard room or room with big bed for divorced couples from all over the country.

The activity is released as follows:

1.Activity time: June 10, 2013 to December 31, 2013, lasting for seven months

2.Room type: double standard room or room with big bed

3.The number of free rooms: a free room per day, two free nights for divorced couples

4.Booking ways: telephone, E-mail, QQ,etc.

5.Booking requirements: the divorced couples who offer their divorce certificate and ID card copies through E-mail can enjoy the right of free room. Booking in advance is acceptable.

6.Contact informations:

Tavern address: Zhangjiajie core scenic spot-Tianzi mount Tianchi

Customer service Guyue: 18974493310, QQ: 562059988

Shopkeeper Liubang: 18107443088, QQ: 562064488

Hot line 400-0833-519

Fixed-line telephone: 0744-8362212

Fax No.: 0744-8357999

Tavern website: mengpakezhan

7.Data privacy: the individual privacy for booking free rooms will not be revealed by Mengpa tavern without the customers’ written permission.

Translated by Crystal

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