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Zhangjiajie Tour Complaint For Guide Service
2016-12-20 17:30:18  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Zhangjiajie Tourism hired guides Note:

1.To seek ZJJ Guide Information through Zhangjiajie official website.

2.Permit work,Zhangjiajie tour guide has standardized identification.

3.Zhangjiajie english speaking guided daily wage is about CNY300/Per day.And other small language guide daily wage is up to CNY500/Per day, such as Russian, French, Spanish and so on.Remember not to hire cheap tour guide, in order to avoid the tourist traps.

Examples of Zhangjiajie tour guide complaints as fllow:

Hi, we are very unhappy with the service given to us by tour guide Xiong ***. I am wondering if we can report him please?

My list of complaints are as follows:

He has not provided us with a proper tour plan.

He has led us to places where we didn’t ask to go.

He has ordered food with consulting us.

Meals have cost more under his guideance.

He has time wasted.

He dumped us 5 days into our 21 day tour with us in preferance for taking on Russian tourists. This left us in limbo until be placed us with another delightful and much better tour guide.

He is now preventing us from using the new highly skilled tour guide.

Xiong has told us lies many times. In one instance I asked him if he couls assist us in getting our Visa extended. He answered, no problem my frien Le Jun Sheng will assist you. We later found this to be incorrect.

He also told me that Le Jun Sheng had promised to give me a free art lesson. This was also incorrect.

I have spent a great deal of time planning this adventure and now it has all been destroyed.

Thank you.

Source:Zhangjiajie official website

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