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Top Ten Resort Places for Lovers
2016-12-20 17:30:18  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Love is a necessity for life. How to maintenance the relationship between lovers? More mutual communication and more outdoor visiting are the best answers. Tourists from all directions agree the top ten resort places for lovers.

Yulong Snow Mount

Yulong Snow Mount located in Yunnan province south of China is a famous snow mountain in north polar. White snows embody the purity of love.

Mount Emei

Most of the monasteries and temples on Mt. Emei were built during the Eastern Han Dynasty while others were added later. Belief in Mt Emei witnesses the sincerity of love.

West Lake

Love with a million years stories is the main theme of West Lake which sits in Suzhou. Paying a visit in West Lake is a journey of longevity of love.

Zhu Hai

Along the sea and sprays, Zhu Hai is an emerging city of Guangdong province.Lovers come here for a view of blue and broad sea and seawater imply the tolerance between lovers.


With the highest mountains and latitude, Tibet is wellknown for the difficulty of climbing, which similar to the relationship between lovers. Only with the determination of conquering difficulties can love continues.


A highly harmonious resort place between nature and people, Zhangjiajie located in Western Hunan is a fabulous place for lovers. Here you can enjoy the pure and clear air with your beloved, here you can view the most natural and beautiful sceneries with your darling .Heart embrace heart when you are in Zhangjiajie.

Phoenix City

Historical buildings and cultures are the characteristics of Phoenix city, a tranquil city in Xiangxi. Love is a serene story told by hearts.


Located in Guangxi, Yangshuo is famous for water and mountains. When you are in Yangshuo misty and rainy scenery is so fascinating that how can you refuse to go? Dim beauty is the key tone for lovers’ trip.

Jiuzhai Gorge

Sichuan is a tourism province; here you can have a visit to Jiuzhai Gorge. In Jiuzhai Gorge the falling waterfalls are the most amazing spots for lovers. A dancing waterfall is the happy key when fall in love with someone.

Wuzhizhou Island

Wuzhizhou Island in Sanya is even a paradise for the lovers to spend their holiday. Here you can enjoy diving and surfing. Also the love story between the dragon lady and young fisher guy is so beautiful that touch tourists much.

By Brenda

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