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10 Scenic Spots in Mysterious Xiangxi Too beautiful to Miss for Travelers
2016-12-20 17:30:17  Zhangjiajie(XZL)International Travel Service  

Xiangxi is a breath-taking and mysterious place that many people have a deep longing for traveling. Here, I would introduce 10 scenic spots to you. If you have gone there, just check out how many scenic spots you went to in the listed ones below. If not, you may as well take the list as a guidebook of Xiangxi.

NO.1 Fenghuang Ancient Town

Fenghuang Ancient Town is a historic and cultural town, national 4A scenic spot. A lot of people hold a view that someone who don’t visit Fenghuang can be counted as never visit Xiangxi, thus we can see its important status in the scenic spots of Xiangxi. Despite of its new policy for admission cost as much as 148 RMB, Fenghuang remains still a interesting attractions in people’s eyes at home and abroad.

NO.2 Mengdong Rriver

Mengdong Rriver is titled as the” Best Drifting in the world” by the tourism community, famous for its precipitous mountain,,curved trees and racing water as well as a great many caves. The downstream river shows beautiful sights with crystal-clear water, green mountains, unique karst caves and many monkeys. It has resourceful water yield, steep bend and deep canyon. Along the river are lofty aged green trees, disorderly stones as well as numerous springs and waterfalls.Mengdong river basin is the habitant of Tujia people who owns unique ethnic culture and customs.

NO.3 Dehang Scenic Area

Dehang is meant by Miao language as “beautiful canyon”. Dehang Scenic Area is titled as natinal 4A-level senic spots. With road bridges, Miao villiage sights canyon secnery and Aizhai Bridge, Dehang scenic area is really worth visiting. It is a good choice to experience the culture and customs of Miao people and feel the mysterious of Xiangxi.

NO.4 Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town

Originated from ChunQiu Period time, Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town formed in Tang dynasty and prospered when acted as the goods transfer center for Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan and Sichuan province. During its heyday, it is the economic, cultural and religious center in southwest Xiangxi, rated as,“The jewel of Xiangxi”, “small Nanjing”and “southwest metropolis”. On July 10, 2006, the State Council proclaimed Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town as one of the cultural relic protection sites.

NO.5 Furong Town

Furong Town have a history of about 2000 years, renowned for one of the 4 famous towns in Xiangxi. In old days, the king of Tujia people dwelted in there, thus it was named as Wang Villiage (Wang means the king in China). An erstwhile popular film, Furong Town, was shot in Wang Villiage, hence it changed its name. Wang Villiage is famous for its ancient town like a minitature of Fenghuang and Tujia culture. With the improvement of transportation, more and more people come to visit it.

NO.6 Zuolong Gorge

With wind blowing and water eroding for 3 million years, Zuolong Gorge is gradually formed and developed, hided in thousands of mountain in Xiangxi. In the gorge,there have precipices, brooks, springs, twisted trees and strange grasses.In short, it is a wonderful place for you to explore and admire the wonder of nature.

NO.7 Red Stone Forest

Red Stone Forest is the world only stone forest formed by carbonatite in the Cambrian period. According to the Geologist, Red Stone Forest has a history of 450 millon years. The landscape of Red Stone Forest is karst landscape which is commonly distributed in China’s Yunan and Guzhou province. However, most of the Stone Forests in China are grey instead of red. Another wonder is that the color of Red Stone Forest varies with weather. It is purperish red in fine day, brown red in rainy day.If you want to witness such a scene, why not come here?

NO.8 Qianzhou Ancient Town

Early in 4200 BC, Qianzhou Ancient Town was the capital city of Miao Territory. During the period of Ming and Qing Dynasty, the Monarchy would assign senior generals to guard the Qianzhou. As many years passed by, Qianzhou Ancient Town remains intact with ancient architectural complex, slates, old streets, river etc, making tourists enjoy themselves so much as to forget to leave.

NO.9 Zhijiang Anti-Japanese War Recieving Surrender Memorial Site

Zhijiang Anti-Japanese War Recieving Surrender Memorial Site witnessed the voctory of anti-fascist war. In fact, there are 6 Anti-Japanese war recieving surrender memorial sites, situated in Roman, Milan, Pyongyang, Paris, Berlin and zhijiang respectively. In Zhijiang Memorial Site, you can have a good knowledge of Anti-Japanese War. Many historical goods are displayed in the exhibition such as guns, military aircraft, cannon, bullet, and daily products.

NO.10 Longxijiang Temple

Dating back to 628 years in Tang dynasty, Longxijiang Temple is the most ancient existing Buddhist college. It is listed as as one of the cultural relic protection sites in 1996.With many unique and classic Buddhist building and decorations, it is really a holy place for Buddhist followers. If you are interested in religious culture, why not go on a visit to here.

Written by Emma

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