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Love Crystals in Yellow Dragon Cave
2016-12-20 17:30:17  Zhangjiajie(XZL)International Travel Service  

Love is a human being eternally immutable subject. No one can be blind to a beautiful love story. Here are the love crystals born in ZJJ Yellow Dragon Cave.

It is universally known that Yellow Dragon Cave is one of the foremost scenic areas in Zhangjiajie, and was rated as one of the first 4A National Tourist Attractions in China. The climate in the cave is agreeable and comfortable ,which offers you a cool feeling in the summer days and warm temperature in the winter days. When stepping into the cave, you will be totally impressed by the love crystals.

The impressive love crystals are shaped with stalactites. One is hanging upside down, the other is facing upwards. The two stalactites watching each other with great tenderness, just like the couple separated and try hard to hug each other. They cannot embrace each other and only have the unconstant tears to fall down. Day after day, the distance is closer and closer, the hearts become more tight. Thousands years witness their pure love. How can we not be shocked by this persistence? It is time for us to believe in love.

By Aileen


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