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Zhangjiajie Admission Price is Three Times Higher Than the Yellowstone Park
2016-12-20 17:30:15  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Zhangjiajie scenic spot and Yellowstone park are the world natural heritage. The entrance ticket of them has a great difference. The price of zhangjiajie is three times higher than that of Yellowstone park.

The fare of Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan scenic area is 298 yuan each. Due to the different way of sightseeing, such as walking or biking, the entrance ticket price of the Yellowstone national park is $12 per person (RMB 74 yuan), and the people can stay 7 days in it. But the Zhangjiajie forest park, with its unique beauty, it still attracts more overseas visitors.

Translated by Sophia

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