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Zhangjiajie Tour For Answering to FAQs
2016-12-20 17:30:13  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

While some tourists travel in Zhangjiajie, they may encounter several problems; today I will troubleshoot some FAQs for you.

1, Question:If I joint the tourists group, can I skip from it and play by myself?

Answer:According to the tourism regulations in Zhangjiajie, general expenses won’t be refunded if you get out of the team due to personal reasons.

2, Question: What if we run into an emergency when traveling in Zhangjiajie?

Answer: In this situation, remember to contact your tour guide as soon as possible.

3, Question: What can we do if we fall ill in our journey to Zhangjiajie?

Answer:While travel in Zhangjiajie, immediate treat is hard to get, so it’s necessary to take some medicine for colds, carsickness and diarrhea. If it gets worse, please contact the local hospital or dial 120 instantly.

By Brenda

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