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How to Distinguish Zhangjiajie Humanoid Polygonum Multiflorum
2016-12-20 17:30:13  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Mainly, there are three ways of making counterfeit humanoid polygonum multiflorum: using heart of palm or root of banana to carve; using tuber of yam to graft; cultivating it in mould. In the market, big price differences between wild polygonum multiflorum and artificial one makes this good more and more mysterious in the eyes of consumers.

As introduced by experts in plants, we can tell wild polygonum multiflorum from artificial one in appearance. In details, wild one usually has rough and uneven appearance, and irregular shape. What’s more, it is not easy for people to break off it. While, when talking about artificial Polygonum Multiflorum, people may find that it is covered by white root hair. In contrast, it is somewhat crisp and easy to be wrecked. White colloid liquid will flow out when slightly splitting its epidermis.

Pls note:Humanoid Polygonum scam during Zhangjiajie tour.

Translated by Becky

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