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How about Tianmenshan tour by bicycle
2016-12-20 17:30:13  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

I am looking for some information on Tianmen Road being one of the most amazing mountain roads in the world. Unfortunately, it is actually quite difficult to find reliable information on the accesibility of that road. My idea is to ride Tianmen Road uphill by bicycle and I wonder if and how this could work.

I hope you can help me to assemble some more information:

1) Is it permitted to ride Tianmen Road by bicycle at all?

2) Are there any restrictions for cyclists?

3) Is it actually possible to start a bicycle ride from Zhangjiajie and to ride from there up to Heaven’s Gate/Tianmen Cave?

4) Is it compulsory to have a local guide or can this be done on own risk?

5) I recently read about the cycling competition on “no-vehicle day” 22 Sep 2012 at Mount Tianmen. Will there be such an event in 2013 as well? Again on 22 September? Is it necessary to register for that cycling event? If yes, where can I register and where can I get further information? Or will Tianmen Road be free to any ordinary cyclist on that day?

Any answers to my above questions or any related information would highly be appreciated.

Answer:Tianmen Road is very thrilling,so any guests aren't allowed to do the tiammenshan tour by bicycle in normal times,but the unscheduled activities(cycling event) will be held in Tianmenshan.If you have a large team, we can assist applicants for bicycle tour in zhangjiajie.Please pay attention to our website News.welcome!

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