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Precious Rare Wild Animals in Zhangjiajie
2016-12-20 17:30:07  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Wulingyuan, which belongs to the central China region of oriental realm in terms of geographic distribution of animals, is located at border regions between the western plateau sub region and the eastern plain and hill sub region.

This place has a complex geography, mild climate, and sufficient rainfall. In addition, after a long period of erosion and efflorescence, the quartz sandstones have formed large picturesque peaks and rocks, with abrupt slopes and deep ditches. In addition, the forests in Wulingyuan are dense, and all these conditions have provided a good environment for animals to live and reproduce. A preliminary investigation has confirmed that the area has 116 species of terrestrial vertebrate animals belonging to 50 families, including three species under first-grade state protection and 10 species under the second-grade state protection listed in the List of Wildlife under Special State Protection. In the Wulingyuan animal world, macaques account for a great majority, and it is said that their number reaches more than 300. The giant salamanders, which local people called “Wawayu,” are often found in streams, springs or in deep pools. Studying the role of animal ecology in the ecosystem of Wulingyuan and their relationship has a great scientific value for protecting the animals and maintaining the ecological balance.

Translated by Sophia

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