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Four Fantastic Scenes of Zhangjiajie
2016-12-20 17:30:06  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

1, Golden Whip Stream-Fantastic shadow

In an autumn day, if the weather happens to be fine, when enjoying the ever-changing sceneries along Golden Whip Stream, you may surprisingly find that your shadow changes from one to two, two to three, and follows as you move.

2, Shentang Bay-Fantastic sound

Located in Tianzi Mountain, Shentang Bay is covered by mystery all the time. It is a natural half round sinkhole, about more than 10 hectares. Surprisingly, if you get close to the Shentang Bay, you seem to hear drums beating and gangs clanging, just like a large number of mounted and foot soldiers.

3, Moon Gallery-Fantastic moon

You can see red moon there, which is very different from commonly seen moon. Generally, it appears in the middle of spring and summer, especially the clear night after a long time rain, around 8 or 9 o’clock. It lasts for an hour or so.

4, Xihai-Fantastic ring of light

Xihai consists of numerous stone forests, is an important scene of Wulingyuan scenic spot. There is a small stone between two stone mountains, every year, this small stone will display a miracle——shining. The flame lights the whole Xihai, and turns it into daytime, which lasts about three to four minutes. Finally, the light weakens and disappears gradually.

Translated by Becky

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