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The Landscape of auspiciousness and beauty-Fenghuang
2016-12-20 17:30:02  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

If you want to witness the real sights of west Hunan, you’d better pay a visit to Fenghuang. Shen Congwen’s “Border Town” also opened a window to all of us. Being a master in literature, he had described its rudimentary but charming amorous feeling in this book, which made Fenghuang become yearned by thousands of people. After reading “Border Town”, it seems the slowly flowing rhythm of Tuo River; those special suspended buildings and girls’ melodious singings usually exist in our mind. Maybe we are eager to demystify this birth place of Shen Congwen.

Generally speaking, there are mainly eight special points in Fenghuang:

1,vegetable markets and washerwomen near to Tuo river

2,Suspended buildings exist in Sha Wan

3,Outdoor restaurants outside the northern door

4,Wenchang Pavilion Elementary School that cultivated Shen Congwen and Huang Yongyu

5,Yellow silk bridge city

6,Confucius’ temple, Three Kings Temple, Temple of Marquis, Wenchang Pavilion and Pen rack city

7,The barber shop inscribed by Huang Yongyu, Barber here is good at manipulation, which is effective for a stiff neck

8,The ancient stage, a favorite rendezvous for local artists

Sourced and translated by Becky

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