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Zhangjiajie weather and climate
2016-12-20 17:30:01  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

January:January is the coldest month, It snows a lot with a lowest temperature of minus 3 centi-degree, and highest temperature of 10 centi-degree. People always stay at home to prepare for the new years holiday.

February:It has snow and rain sometimes on this month, the whole city looks all white everywhere with snow. The lowest temperature is around 0 centi-degree, highest is around 12 Centi-degree. Lot of people come to spent their holiday with family.

March: Spring is coming on March, everything is starting awake, Lot of flowers start to blossom. It is good time to do some outdoor activities. It has a lowest temperature of 5 centi-degree, and highest of 20 centi-degree. You can  still see snow and icicle on the top of mountain sometimes. It is the beginning for peak season of tourism in zhangjiajie.

April:This month is an ideal time for traveling in zhangjiajie, temperature is very beautiful with a lowest of 8 centi-degree, and highest of 25 Centi-degree. Many kinds of Flowers fully blossomed. You can smell the flavor everywhere.

May:Peak season for tourism, many people come for sightseeing.  Leaves are lush green. The temperature varies greatly between day and night. Is has lowest temperature of 15 Centi-degree, and highest of 30 Centi-degree.

June:Because of the college entrance examination on June, so not many people come here this month.,the lowest temperature is 15 centi-degree,and highest is 33 centi-degree. It is the rainy season, better for you to bring an umbrella.

July:It is still the rainy season on July. The lowest temperature is 25 centi-degree, and highest is 36 degree. But it is pretty cool in the national park and tianmen national park, so zhangjiajie is a good place to go to summer resort.

August:Many students and teachers will come for the summer holiday. It is pretty hot on July , lowest temperature is 28 centi-degree, and highest is 38 centi-degree.

September:Tree leaves are still green, Autumn is coming soon. Good month for traveling here ,not hot ,nor cold. The lowest temperature is 22 Centi-degree, and highest is 32 centi-degree.

October:Good view with the golden yellow color, Many people come on the golden week(1st---7th)it is the harvest season for orange and Kiwi fruits on this month, The lowest temperature is 18 Centi-degree, and highest is 28 centi-degree.

November:It is the fogy season on November,mountain looks quite difference but pretty with fog. the lowest temperature is 12Centi-degree, and highest is 25centi-degree.

December:Winter is coming, few rain on this month. Family stay together to keep warm with stove and make pickled meat for the coming spring festival. the lowest temperature is 5 Centi-degree, and highest is 15 centi-degree.

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