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Zhangjiajie High Lantern
2016-12-20 16:49:26  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

High lantern, different from what its name implies, is a kind of dance full of ethnic flavor popular in Yuanguping of Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City. Generally speaking, 12 to 14 people orabove are required to present a single performance. Performers are often equipped with various instruments when performing, such as cornets, cymbals, suona and drum. Besides, each performer is wearing a puppet-like hat and carrying apaper lantern with two lighting candles within while dancing is staged. Interms of the performance itself, there is a rigid pattern for each movement from beginning to end. For example, a movement should rise from the east and fall to the west. This kind of dance is categorized into two groups, namely,wishing lantern and public lantern. The former is designed to send best wishes and fulfill promises whereas the latter, subject to outside performance in the forms of yelling and whistling, is designed only for public appreciation.

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