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Flower–Matchmakers for TuJia people’s love
2016-12-20 16:49:31  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Instead of coming out of drama ,ancient regime and ancient story ,the flower matchmakers are existing lively in the daily life of Tujia nationality in Dayong, as an eternal love epic .As the old saying goes, a domestic female hundred request . It is almost a custom to make proposal with the help of matchmakers, who usually are humankind. However,the matchmaker in a mountain fortress ,which located in a remote mountain in ruanguping town of yongding distict, are flowers picked from high mountains.A boy will place a flower on the window sill of the girl's room if he falls in love with the girl.Next day ,the boy will poke around for the girl's reaction.

Generally speaking,girls will keep silent for a few days.It won't frustrated boys,they will go on with the flower -putting action :two flowers increased each day,for a few consecutive days .Girls will answer boys with a special code after a few days:even flowers indicating the boys has catch the fancy of the girls,however,if it turn out to be odd flowers,the whole things are over.

After the flower matchmaker succuss,the lovers will inform their parents,who make the decisive decision .a ceremony will definitely be hold by the girls parents to entertain the emissary :boys' parents brothers and sisters-in -law. during the feast,Farming is the exclusive topic.Gifts brought by the emissaries are usually a bottle of booze, a bagful of sugar or a slice of meat.

After the feast ,girls' parents will present some gift to the boys',if it is even,it means ,agreement,contrarily,euphemistic rejection.Rarely,parents disregard of their daughters' willing,leading to tragedy.Sometimes,a few boys fall in love with the same girl,disorder s will be avoid as the smart girl usually know how to make choice.Custom above originated from no year.

It is said that as there is no letter in tujia culture,and the don't like noisy matchmakers neither ,flower matchmaker are created wisely by boys and girls,according to the saying that good things should come in contains their nice wish and it is a symbol of love which is pure ,fragrant and beautiful.

Translated By sophia

Keyword:Zhangjiajie Folklore & Culture & Customs