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Zhangjiajie Cili Wulei Mountain
2016-12-21 11:14:48  Zhangjiajie Tourism Information Website  

Zhangjiajie Wulei Mountain, situated in east of Cili County, borders Shimen County in north, Linli Town in east, Taoyuan County in south. This is the only way into Zhangjiajie from east. It is said that there ever happened a miraculous phenomena that bell and drum chimed themselves when thunder swept through temple on this mountain and then dust disappeared automatically. That’s why this mountain is called Wulei Mountain(Wulei means thunder in Chinese).

The altitude of Wulei Mountain is over 1000m and the mountain goes in a radical shape. This is a famous hot-escaping resort with enjoyable climate, inviting scenery and flourish forest. Also, Zhangjiajie Wulei Mountain is famous holy land of Taoism. It is the biggest culture community of Taoism owing to a lot of Taoist temples being built here. As recorded on history book, Taoism of Wulei Mountain originated in Tang Dynasty and flourished in Ming Dynasty. Famous Emperor Zhenwu ever chose to cultivate himself in the mountain. In the late Yuan Dynasty, Zhangdui, A member of imperial academy resigned his government post and secluded himself in Wulei Mountain. He broadened the scale of temple and propagandized culture of Taoism here. Later, Wulei Mountain got a great fame and has invited tourists to come.

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